SteveWillDoIt Net Worth 2023: How Rich Is He Actually

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Steve ‘SteveWillDoIt’ Leonardis is indeed an internet personality who is from Oviedo, Florida. He is well-known as the co-founder of “NELK Boys” and “Full Send Clothing.” SteveWillDoIt net worth is expected to be over $10 million in 2023.

“SteveWillDoIt” was Stephen Deleonardis’s official YouTube channel that he launched in 2019, and gained a lot of popularity. The YouTube channel has more than 4.12 million subscribers. Steve has also become extremely well-known for his challenges and viral prank short on Instagram and TikTok.

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Full NameStephen Deleonardis
Stage NameSteveWillDoIt
Net Worth$10 million
ProfessionInternet personality, YouTuber, Entrepreneur
Birth DateAugust 26, 1998 (age 25)
Birth PlaceOviedo, Florida, USA
Last UpdatedDecember 2023
SteveWillDoIt Bio

Early Life

SteveWillDoIt’s story is one of overcoming challenges. Born as Stephen Deleonardis, he faced early struggles, eventually dropping out of school due to issues with alcohol and drugs.

However, adversity became a stepping stone as Steve turned to entrepreneurship, launching an online business at the age of 18, selling customized T-shirts and merchandise.

SteveWillDoIt Net Worth And Career

Steve’s ascent to fame accelerated when he transitioned to social media in 2017, adopting the moniker SteveWillDoIt. His content, marked by extreme challenges like consuming excessive amounts of beer, fast food, and junk food, gained immense popularity.

In 2019, he joined NELK Entertainment, a move that further amplified his reach. Steve’s career highlights include appearances on Daniel Tosh’s “Tosh.0” and memorable collaborations with former President Donald Trump.

SteveWillDoIt’s career is usually defined by his role as a co-founder of the NELK Boys, a popular YouTube group known for its lighthearted content, challenges, and pranks.

His significant contributions to the success of NELK Boys have not only elevated the group’s profile but also led to increased fees for brand endorsements, product sponsorships, and ads on their videos.

Utilizing a strategy akin to Mr. Beast, SteveWillDoIt engages in time-sensitive challenges on Instagram and orchestrates elaborate giveaways for both the public and celebrities. This approach, funded by sponsors, includes memorable acts like gifting a car to Marcus Luttrell, a retired United States Navy SEAL.

Despite facing a YouTube ban for promoting gambling, Steve’s fame and net worth have continued to grow, with a substantial following on the Rumble platform.

While not conventionally awarded, SteveWillDoIt’s notable achievements also include meeting President Trump and gifting him a presidential Rolex wristwatch.

Additionally, his philanthropic endeavors, such as gifting a Tesla Model X to a fan, showcase his generosity and impact.

Personal Life

Beyond the online persona, SteveWillDoIt’s personal life includes introducing his girlfriend, Celina Smith, in a 2021 YouTube video.

Despite controversies and criticism for promoting excessive drinking and partying, he remains engaged in various charitable activities, donating to organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

SteveWillDoIt Cars

SteveWillDoIt’s lifestyle is synonymous with luxury, evident in his notable purchases and a collection of high-end cars. Notable among them are the Ferrari 455 Spider, purchased for $250,000, and the 2021 Lamborghini Huracan special edition worth $300,000.

Below is a list of cars that are owned by SteveWillDoIt:

2021 Rolls-Royce Cullinan$500,000
2018 McLaren (One of 10 in World)$500,000
Rewired Maybach Sprinter$250,000
Aston Martin DBX$200,000
SteveWillDoIt Cars

His investing philosophy, encapsulated in quotes like “Winners win, losers hate,” has guided strategic investments in startups, NFTs, and diverse business ventures.

SteveWillDoIt Investments

SteveWillDoIt has strategically diversified his investments and finances, playing a key role as the co-founder of the Full Send Clothing brand. This venture has proven highly lucrative, generating over $70 million in yearly profits. Additionally, his co-founding position in the Happy Dad Hard Seltzer business has seen remarkable success, with millions of cans sold and contributing significantly to his overall financial portfolio.

Beyond physical products, SteveWillDoIt has ventured into digital finances by actively participating in the world of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). The NELK Boys NFT collection, in which he is involved, successfully sold 10,000 cards, reaching a remarkable valuation of $23 million.

Notably, after facing a permanent ban from YouTube, SteveWillDoIt has found a new avenue for his content on Rumble, a video-sharing platform. This strategic move showcases his adaptability and resilience in navigating challenges while continuing to explore opportunities in various financial ventures.

Life Lessons from SteveWillDoIt

1. Overcoming Adversity Builds Resilience

SteveWillDoIt’s journey from dropping out of school due to personal challenges to becoming a millionaire at 21 underscores the power of resilience. Adversity can be a stepping stone to success with determination and a strategic mindset.

2. Diversify Your Skill Set

Steve’s transition from an online T-shirt business to social media stardom highlights the importance of diversifying skills. Embracing new platforms and content styles can open unexpected avenues for success.

3. Charitable Acts Create Lasting Impact

Despite his partying image, SteveWillDoIt’s commitment to charitable activities, such as gifting a Tesla and donating to various causes, demonstrates the lasting impact of giving back to the community.

4. Luxury Can Be an Investment

Steve’s strategic purchases, including high-end cars and a Rolex gift to President Trump, showcase how luxury items can be investments. His approach to adding value and uniqueness to his car collection speaks to the potential of luxury assets.

5. Adaptability in the Digital Landscape

SteveWillDoIt’s ability to transition from Instagram to YouTube, engage with emerging platforms like Rumble, and explore diverse business ventures reflects the importance of adaptability in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

FAQs about SteveWillDoIt

1. How Did SteveWillDoIt Become Famous?

SteveWillDoIt gained fame through outrageous challenges, extreme consumption videos, and collaborations with NELK Entertainment. His ability to push boundaries and engage in unique content contributed to his popularity.

2. What Led to SteveWillDoIt’s YouTube Ban?

SteveWillDoIt’s YouTube channel was permanently deleted in 2022 for promoting the gambling platform, recorded in Brazil. This move was due to U.S. legislation governing the platform and the majority of Steve’s subscriber base being from the United States.

3. How Does SteveWillDoIt Generate Income?

SteveWillDoIt generates income through various sources, including YouTube, Instagram, brand deals, endorsements, sponsorships, and his Rumble channel. Additionally, he co-founded successful ventures like Full Send Clothing and Happy Dad Hard Seltzer.

4. What Was SteveWillDoIt Most Popular Prank?

SteveWillDoIt and his friends pulled off a hilarious prank at the Rolling Loud music festival by pretending to be a fake rapper named “Lil Water.” Surprisingly, they successfully bluffed their way backstage and even convinced Lil Baby to take a picture with them. The prank added a lighthearted twist to the festival experience and this was SteveWillDoIt most popular prank video.

SteveWillDoIt Net Worth

In conclusion, SteveWillDoIt’s journey from a challenging early life to a millionaire at just 21 reflects a blend of entrepreneurial acumen and online creativity. His involvement in co-founding the Full Send Clothing brand and Happy Dad Hard Seltzer, coupled with investments in NFTs, showcases a multifaceted approach to wealth-building.

Despite facing challenges, including a YouTube ban in 2022, SteveWillDoIt net worth continues to rise, reaching an estimated $10 million. His current videos on the Rumble platform, along with thriving businesses like Full Send Clothing and Happy Dad, underline his resilience and adaptability in the ever-evolving landscape of online entertainment and entrepreneurship.

SteveWillDoIt remains a dynamic figure, providing inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and content creators, proving that taking risks, diversifying investments, and embracing opportunities are key to financial success.

Disclaimer: The net worth estimates and associated data that are displayed here come from a range of open sources online and offline. Due to the possibility of periodic changes in financial numbers and valuations. The net worth, assets and liabilties mentioned here should not be considered as facts.

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