Tom MacDonald Net Worth: How Rich is the Rapper Actually

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Tom MacDonald is a Canadian rapper, songwriter, and social media star. In case you don’t know, More than three million people are subscribed to MacDonald’s YouTube channel. His soundtrack “The System,” which he published in 2022 was quite successful all over social media. Tom has almost 7 million views on one of his best rap videos, “Dear Rappers.” Tom MacDonald net worth is expected to be $3 million as of February 2023.

Full NameThomas MacDonald
Stage NameTom MacDonald
Net Worth$3 million
ProfessionCanadian rapper, songwriter, ex-wrestler
Birth DateSeptember 21, 1988 (age 34)
Birth PlaceMission, British Columbia, Canada
GirlfriendNova Rockafeller
Last UpdatedFebruary 2023
Tom MacDonald Bio

Key Takeaways:

Early Life

On September 21, 1988, Tom MacDonald was born in Canada. He spent most of his early childhood in the Alberta region of British Columbia Canada. Tom has been passionate about rapping and always looked up to hip-hop artists like Eminem, Black Sabbath, and Kid Cudi.

For early education, Tom went to school in Vancouver and started wrestling while he was still a high school student. He wrestled for Real Canadian Wrestling (RCW) from 2004 to 2009.

Following this, he focused on music. In an interview, he gave a justification for his decision. Stated: “Honestly, my motive for pursuing a career in music was because my pursuit of a career in professional wrestling had come to a standstill.”

Tom MacDonald Net Worth And Career

Tom competed as a pro wrestler under the new moniker Allstar. He was under contract with the RCW, a local Canadian pro-wrestling organization.

For the majority of his career, MacDonald struggled with alcoholism. But in 2017, he had a serious breakdown that compelled him to seek help in rehabilitation.

At the age of 18, MacDonald started rapping with the release of his song “Dear Rappers” on February 2018. The official videos of Tom’s songs performed quite well on social media getting millions of views.

His rap song “Straight White Male,” addresses the stigmatization of straight white men, the song was criticized by people on social networks for its controversial subject.

“Everybody Hates Me”, “Politically Incorrect”, and “Whiteboy” were the first three singles by Tom MacDonald that brought him to fame in the mainstream rap industry. On top of his career, he launched the album “Ghostories”, and his song “If I was Black” was welcomed by critics and fans.

“I Don’t Care” and “Coronavirus” are his two tracks that MacDonald later released in March 2020. Both were major successes. Additionally, McDonald’s offers made-to-order merchandise like hoodies, t-shirts, and other POD products.

In 2021, Tom got featured in Dax’s official rap video “Propaganda.” This song got popular on YouTube within weeks and since then managed to earn 7.5 million views.

Source: Instagram

As an American rapper, he participates in many tours and concerts, which brings in a lot of money for him. MacDonald has been very open and honest with his audience from the start of his music career. His songs address societal problems and the values he upholds.

Tom’s most recent singles include “Fake Woke” and “Dear Slim” which featured a beat created by none other than Eminem and “Clown World.” Considering that Eminem is among MacDonald’s idols, he paid the rapper $100,000 for the rhythm.

Collaborating with his childhood inspiration must have been a huge deal for MacDonald. His official YouTube channel had over 3.6 million subscribers and a total of 1 billion views.

Tom MacDonald Personal Life

Tom MacDonald lives in Los Angeles, California, with his girlfriend Nova Rockafeller. She is also a rapper and hip-hop artist from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Nova is currently 30 years old and was born on July 22, 1992.

They both met each other as members of the punk band “GFBF”, and have been in a relationship since 2017. Nova Rockafeller claims that as of January 6, 2021, she has given up rapping and instead start making music videos for social media.

Tom MacDonald Net Worth

Tom MacDonald’s fans really appreciate his views of social topics that he expresses through the lyrics of his rap songs. His raps on controversial topics like “Coronavirus,” “Illuminati,” and “feminism” help him become a popular hip-hop singer and gain a lot of attention.

Tom MacDonald’s net wealth is around $3 million as of February 2023.

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