Ice T Net Worth: How Rich Rapper Make Money

Ice T is best known as a “Grammy Award” winning American rapper from the hip-hop golden era. If you don’t know, he is a popular rapper and record executive from Newark, New Jersey. In the 1980s, he started his rapping career as a street rapper until signing with “Sire Records” in 1987. Ice T net worth is estimated to be at $60 million as of 2022.

Ice T is also the founder of a music production company called “Rhyme $yndicate Record”. His most popular song includes “New Jack Hustler”, “Colors”, and “High Rollers”

Full NameTracy Lauren Marrow
Net Worth$60 million
Birth DateFebruary 16, 1958
Birth PlaceNewark, New Jersey, U.S.
Relationship StatusMarried

Ice T Age and Early Life

Ice-T, full name Tracy Lauren Marrow is the son of Alice and Solomon Marrow. He was born on February 16, 1958, in Newark, New Jersey. He is 64 years of age as of February 16, 2022.

Both of his parents were African American and as a child, Tracy had experienced racism from time to time. Both of his parents died by the time he was 12 years old.

As an orphan kid, Tracy spent most of his childhood in Summit, New Jersey living with his aunt. Till eighth grade, he attended “Palms Junior High” and then moved to “Crenshaw High School”.

Tracy got the inspiration of becoming a rapper from his brother, Earl, who was a rock music fan.

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How Ice T Make Money?

As for making money, Ice T managed large sums of wealth through his rap career. As of now, he focused on growing his record label “Rhyme $yndicate Record”. He also makes a sizable income as a record executive. It is estimated that Ice T’s net worth will go above $65 million USD as 2022 ends.

Ice T served in the United States Military in 1979 because the money he made from selling marijuana and stealing car stereos was insufficient to take care of his girlfriend and daughter. He spent four years as an Army soldier.

By 1983, he switched his persona to Ice-T in tribute to Iceberg Slim, an American novelist. As Ice-T, he released rap “The Coldest Rap” on the independent record company “Saturn”, which included a Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis supporting track.


He joined “Sire Records” and launched his first album called ‘Rhyme Pays,’ in 1987. The album went gold eventually and was a big success in Ice-T’s career.

In his career, Ice-T launched eight solo albums called “Ice-T VI: Return of the Real”, “The Seventh Deadly Sin”, ” Gangsta Rap”, “Home Invasion”, “The Iceberg”, and others

“Saturn”, “Priority”, “Sire”, “Sumerian”, and “Century Media” are some of the record companies, he worked with.

Ice-T also runs his own record label, ‘Rhyme $yndicate Records,’ which is responsible for the publication of his second studio album “Power” in 1988′.

One of Ice-T’s songs in the album “Body Count” was controversial, which was written as a story about criminals seeking vengeance on racist policemen.

Throughout this time, he performed with a number of heavy metal bands. He sang a duo with “Slayer” for the movie ‘Judgment Night,’ and guest-starred on Black Sabbath’s studio album “Forbidden” in 1995.

He also worked in TV dramas as well. For a long time, he played the fictitious investigator Odafin Fin Tutuola in the “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” series.

Personal Life

Ice T had a relationship with his high school classmate Adrienne, and they had a daughter together named LeTesha Marrow. In 1991 at the shooting of the film “Breakin’”, he met Darlene Ortiz, who later became his long-term girlfriend. Ice-T and Ortiz had a son and they named him “Tracy Marrow Jr”.

In 2002, Ice-T married an American model Nicole “Coco” Austin. As of now, the couple is living a prosperous life in North Bergen, New Jersey with their daughter Chane.

Ice-T prefers to live a straight-edge lifestyle and he refers to himself as a teetotaler. He is a longtime practitioner of boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is a big fan of mixed martial arts and UFC.

Ice T Net Worth

Being a popular rapper, actor, and music producer, Ice T net worth is estimated to be at $60 million. The majority of his wealth was made from the profits of his studio albums. However, He also got a sizable fortune from music productions, acting in movies, and TV dramas.

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