Jerry Heller Net Worth in 2022

Gerald Elliot Heller, famous by the name Jerry Heller, was a businessman and a professional music manager from the United States. He was well known for managing N.W.A and Eazy-E. He died at the age of 75, on September 2, 2016. Jerry Heller net worth is estimated to be $20 million as of 2022.

Full NameGerald Elliot Heller
Popular NameJerry Heller
Net Worth$20 million
Birth DateOctober 6, 1940
Birth PlaceCleveland, Ohio, U.S.
ProfessionMusic Manager
Date of DeathSeptember 2, 2016

Early Life, Family and Education

Jerry was born to a Jewish couple in Cleveland, Ohio on October 6, 1940. He was brought up in his hometown.

Being an alumnus of “University of Southern California”, he did his college degree from there and also served in the US Military, according to his book “Ruthless: A Memoir”, released in 2006.

Jerry Heller founded the “Heller-Fischel Agency” based in Beverly Hills, California, which generated up to $7 million annually as an early business. This, however, would be insignificant in comparison to the potential success he had achieved later in his career.

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Jerry Heller Net Worth and Career

Jerry Heller was a professional music manager and entrepreneur, who made his mark on the music industry in the 1960s and 1970s. During those times, he worked with major American rock groups including “Journey”, “Humble Pie”, and “Styx”. 

He was one of the first who brought rap music to the forefront of the American music industry. Indeed, Heller’s early work laid a smooth foundation in the success of rap musicians like Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and DJ Yeller. Without Jerry’s work, they would not have the start that pushed them to stardom.

Eazy-E, the famous rapper was also managed by Jerry until his demise in early 1995.

Jerry Heller is also known for popularizing hip-hop music and gangster rap, and he was the one who brought Pink Floyd and Elton John to States for their significant tours and musical concerts.

Rapping was still a street trend in the early 1980s, with absolutely no one selling or purchasing rap albums. Thanks to the arrival of “Niggaz Wit Attitudes”, popularly known as N.W.A. a new Compton-based hip-hop group, that changed everything.


Jerry and Eric “Eazy-E” Wright formed “Ruthless Records”, a corporate part of “Comptown Records, Inc.” in 1986.

Later, the record label had made significant news and they were also subjected to a great deal of criticism from the outside world, along with the FBI, when they released the controversial song called “F*ck tha Police”.

The film “Straight Outta Compton” of 2015, featured Jerry Heller that was played by the star actor Paul Giamatti. As per some sources from BBC, Jerry filed various litigations against “NBCUniversal” along with the members of N.W.A., including Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, after being negatively portrayed in the film.

Do You Know? When Jerry Heller died, he had owned a massive fortune that is estimated to be $20 million in 2022.

Jerry Heller Wife

A lady named Gayle Steiner was Jerry Heller’s wife. They both got married in 1996. After being together for 18 years the couple got divorced due to unknown reasons in 2014.

Jerry Heller Death

After a majestic career of over 50 years, Jerry Heller passed away, due to a heart attack at “Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center” in California on September 3, 2016.

He was found in his white BMW with the plate number “RTHLSS2”, just two blocks down from his house in Calabasas and then brought to the hospital where he died.

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