Murda Mook Net Worth: How the Rapper Makes Money

Murda Mook is best known for being the “King of Battle Rap.”  He is widely regarded as one of the most talented battle rappers of all time. If you don’t know, he is a professional rapper from Harlem, New York, USA. Murda Mook net worth is estimated to be approximately $750 thousand in 2022.

Mook also has multiple hip-hop albums under his belt. He is the co-founder of the “Dot Mob” rap battle group.

Full NameJohn Ancrum
Stage NameMurda Mook
Net Worth$750,000
BirthdateDecember 15, 1984
BirthplaceHarlem, New York, USA

Murda Mook Early Life

Murda Mook was born as “John Ancrum” on December 15, 1984. He spent most of his childhood in Harlem, New York. Mook will turn 38 years of age on December 15,  2022.

We do not know much about his parent and early education, most of the facts are largely unknown. It seems like, he had an ongoing passion for hip-hop, based on his lucrative career.

We do know while schooling at “Fordham Preparatory School” located in the Bronx. He was indeed a star basketball player in his high school, establishing a profile as a fantastic ball handler.

In 2003, he was awarded a sports scholarship to “Elms College” in Massachusetts, where he completed his college degree. Despite this, he later shifted his focus away from sports and found his true passion in rapping.

Mook’s career began in battle rapping. His early rap battles with well-known rappers T-Rex and Loaded Lux gave him a lot of fame.

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How Does Murda Mook Make Money?

Being an influential street battle rapper, Murda Mook earns most of his wealth by winning rap battles. His fame was at an all-time high as he faced SERIUS JONES at Ultimate Rap League in 2010. As Murda Mook continues to fight rap battles and releases new mix-tapes, his net worth is expected to go well above $900,000 as 2022 ends.

YearsMurda Mook’s Net Worth
Murda Mook’s Net Worth 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022

Murda Mook Career and Net Worth

Murda’s fame surged as he faced off against other rappers such as Yount Hot, Serius Jones, and Party Arty. He did a rapping brawl on “Monday Night Fight Club” in addition to competing at SMACK tournaments. After battling rapper French Montana on his debut on MTV, he had an opportunity to showcase his skills to the World.


However, it was Mook’s battle with Millz on the 2002 SMACK DVD that gave him notoriety. The rap battle was aired on the MTV show “Making the Brand.” The video has received widespread popularity, and it is frequently cited as one of the greatest rap fights of all time.

Later, in Summer Madness 2, he goes to the SMACK/URL competitions, where he battled Iron Solomon. After being offered a huge sum of $20,000, Mook decided to confront Solomon. Following the battle, he competed in the Total Slaughter rap battle festival against a well-known battle rapper, Loaded Lux. He took a couple of years off from rap battles after his bout with Lux.

Mook recently competed in a heated battle against T-Top and Brizz Rawsteen at the Summertime Impact Reloaded festival. The combat, however, did not come to a finish because it was called off in the first round following a dispute.

At this time, Mook established himself as a professional hip-hop star, publishing two albums,  “Murda He Wrote” and “The Untouchable.” in addition to rap battles. Mook has also put out a couple of mixtapes and rap singles.

In 2011, Mook joined the Ruff Ryders. He also recorded the theme song “You Know” for the music label. In 2016, he was under contract with Busta Rhymes Conglomerate, a commercial record label.

Murda, together with famous rappers T-Rex and Dutch Brown, established the battle group “Dot Mob.” His most recent mixtape was titled  “Voices,” which featured Dot Mob and was released in 2016.

We are glad to inform you that Murda Mook is a successful rapper, making a lot of money through rap battles and winning rapping challenges. Murda Mook’s exact net worth is expected to be at $750,000 in 2022.

Murda Mook Wife

Murda Mook is a father and husband. He was married to a woman named Nia for some time and they are living a great life together. However, he hasn’t revealed much about his relationship history.

Mook wished Nia a Happy Anniversary on social media on May 27, 2016. Nia is the owner of a wig shop, according to some reports. Mook and his wife Nia have two children.

Murda Mook Net Worth

By 2022, Murda Mook has reached a net worth of $750,000. His success in the rap battle arena has brought him a lot of money. Mook is working hard on his professional hip-hop career,  planning to release new studio albums and rap singles in the near future.

His net worth will probably rise after the launch of his upcoming music ventures.

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