Rhett and Link Net Worth 2023: Good Mythical Morning Earnings

Disclaimer: The net worth estimates and associated data that are displayed here come from a range of open sources online and offline. Due to the possibility of periodic changes in financial numbers and valuations. The net worth, assets and liabilties mentioned here should not be considered as facts.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of internet content creation, few have risen to prominence as spectacularly as Rhett & Link. With their charismatic personalities and unique blend of humor, this dynamic duo has captured the hearts of millions around the world. One question that often arises in discussions is about Rhett and Link net worth of $45 million. How did two former engineering students become internet sensations with substantial wealth?

In this blog post, we will delve into the journey of Rhett James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal III, from their engineering roots to their current status as internet superstars.

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Full NamesRhett James McLaughlin, Charles Lincoln Neal III
Famous NameRhett & Link
Net Worth$45 million
ProfessionContent creators, YouTubers, Internet personalities
Rhett’s Birth DateOctober 11, 1977 (Age 45 Years)
Link’s Birth DateJune 1, 1978 (Age 45 years)
Birth PlaceRhett (Macon, Georgia) – Link (Durham, North Carolina)
HeightRhett (2.01 m) – Link (1.83 m)
WeightRhett (154 lbs) – Link (163 lbs)
Zodiac SignRhett (Macon, Georgia) – Link (Durham, North Carolina)
SpouseRhett (Christy) – Link (Jessie)
Last UpdatedSeptember 2023
Rhett & Link’s Bio

Who Are Rhett and Link?

Rhett & Link is an American comedy duo consisting of Rhett James McLaughlin (commonly known as Rhett) and Charles Lincoln Neal III (commonly known as Link).

They are best known for their work as internet personalities, YouTubers, and content creators. Rhett & Link gained fame and popularity through their YouTube series called “Good Mythical Morning,” which is a daily morning talk show on YouTube.

Early Life

To understand the remarkable story of Rhett & Link, it’s essential to begin at the beginning. Rhett James McLaughlin, born on October 11, 1977, in Macon, Georgia, and Charles Lincoln Neal III, born on June 1, 1978, in Durham, North Carolina, both embarked on their journeys from relatively ordinary beginnings. Little did they know that their paths would lead to fame and fortune.

Both Rhett and Link pursued higher education at North Carolina State University. What sets them apart, however, is their choice of majors. Rhett pursued a degree in Civil Engineering, while Link delved into Industrial Engineering.

These academic pursuits laid the foundation for their analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, which would later prove invaluable in their internet careers.

Rhett and Link Net Worth: The Rise of Good Mythical Morning

The journey of Rhett & Link took an unexpected turn when they ventured into the world of online content creation. In January 2012, they launched “Good Mythical Morning,” a daily morning talk show on YouTube. This marked the beginning of their ascent to internet stardom.

Good Mythical Morning quickly gained traction, becoming known for its comedic viral videos. The show’s unique blend of humor, quirky experiments, and entertaining challenges resonated with viewers worldwide. As of 2023, the channel boasts over 18.5 million subscribers and has accumulated an astonishing 9 billion views.

What’s even more impressive is the financial success that Rhett & Link have achieved through their YouTube endeavors. Their videos generate an estimated $10,000 per day from advertisements alone, translating to an annual income of approximately $3.6 million.

As of 2023, Good Mythical Morning’s Rhett & Link net worth is estimated at $45 million USD.

These figures are a testament to the power of internet content creation and the dedicated fan base they’ve cultivated over the years.

Rhett and Link YouTube Channels and Achievements

While “Good Mythical Morning” remains their flagship channel, Rhett & Link has expanded their online presence with several other successful YouTube channels. “Good Mythical More,” another of their channels, boasts over 4 million subscribers and averages 250,000 views per day, translating to an estimated daily revenue of around $2,000.

Their third channel, “Rhett&Link,” has also garnered significant attention, with over 5 million subscribers and nearly a billion views. This channel averages 40,000 views per day, generating an estimated daily income of $300. These numbers illustrate the depth and breadth of their online presence and income streams.

However, it’s important to note that YouTube earnings are influenced by various factors, including location, device, ad engagement, and more. Advertisers bid a minimum of $0.01 per view, and additional income streams, such as YouTube Premium, Super Chat, Super Stickers, Super Thanks, Channel Membership, and Shopping, contribute to their overall financial success.

Other Sources of Income

Rhett & Link’s financial success extends beyond YouTube revenue. They have secured sponsorships with well-known companies such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Taco Bell. These brand partnerships not only provide additional income but also demonstrate their marketability and influence.

Their entrepreneurial spirit has led to the creation of Mythical Entertainment, their own company. This venture encompasses various aspects of their brand, including Mythical Kitchen, Mythical Society, and Mythical Podcasts. Additionally, they’ve ventured into the world of fashion with their clothing brand, Cloak.

The diversification of their income sources showcases their business acumen and the strategic approach they’ve taken to leverage their online presence into a multifaceted empire.

Rhett & Link Financial Success and Investments

As of 2023, Rhett & Link’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $45 million. This figure is a testament to their hard work, creativity, and ability to adapt to the fast-paced world of Internet entertainment.

Beyond their entertainment endeavors, they have wisely invested in various assets, including the stock market and real estate. These investments have contributed to their growing wealth and financial stability.

Challenges and Expenses

While the financial success of Rhett & Link is undeniable, it’s essential to acknowledge the challenges they’ve likely faced along the way. Like all content creators, they incur expenses such as production costs, salaries, travel expenses, rent, equipment, and taxes.

The financial responsibilities associated with their business ventures and growing teams are substantial and require careful management.

5 Lessons We Learned from Rhett & Link

1. Diversity of Skills and Interests Opens Doors

The journey of Rhett & Link showcases the power of having diverse skills and interests. While their backgrounds are in engineering, they successfully transitioned into the world of internet entertainment, demonstrating that a multidisciplinary approach can lead to unexpected opportunities.

2. Consistency and Quality Matter

“Good Mythical Morning” became a sensation because of its daily consistency and unwavering commitment to delivering quality content. Rhett & Link’s success reminds us that maintaining a high standard and regularity in our work can lead to significant growth.

3. Entrepreneurship Amplifies Success

Their venture into Mythical Entertainment and the creation of the Cloak clothing brand illustrate that content creators can extend their influence and income through entrepreneurship. This lesson emphasizes the importance of exploring various revenue streams.

4. Adaptability in the Digital Age

Rhett & Link’s ability to adapt to changing digital landscapes is a vital lesson. The internet is ever-evolving, and being willing to learn and adjust is crucial for long-term success.

5. Collaboration and Partnership

Their partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration. Working together, they complement each other’s strengths and have achieved far more than they might have individually. Collaborations and partnerships can be key to achieving ambitious goals.


1. What is Rhett & Link’s combined net worth?

As of 2023, Rhett & Link’s estimated combined net worth is $45 million. Their success in the world of internet content creation and entrepreneurship has contributed significantly to their wealth.

2. Who are Rhett & Link wives?

Rhett McLaughlin is married to Jessie McLaughlin (née Lane). They have been together since their college days. While Link Neal is married to Christy Neal (née White). Similar to Jessie McLaughlin, Christy has kept a low profile in the public eye. Both wives have made occasional appearances in Rhett & Link content, but their personal life has been relatively private.

3. How did Rhett & Link transition from engineering grads to YouTube content creators?

Rhett and Link, both with engineering degrees, ventured into YouTube by launching “Good Mythical Morning” in 2012. Their unique content and charismatic personalities gradually attracted a massive following, leading to their successful transition from engineering to internet stardom.

4. What are the key factors contributing to Rhett & Link’s financial success?

Rhett & Link’s financial success can be attributed to several factors, including their substantial YouTube ad revenue, brand sponsorships, entrepreneurial ventures like Mythical Entertainment and Cloak, and wise investments in assets such as the stock market and real estate.

Final Thoughts: Rhett and Link Net Worth

The story of Rhett and Link net worth of $45 million is a testament to the boundless opportunities presented by the digital age. From their humble beginnings as engineering students to their current status as internet superstars, their journey is a source of inspiration for aspiring content creators worldwide.

Their success highlights the transformative power of the internet and the potential for individuals to forge their paths to fame and financial success. Rhett & Link’s remarkable story serves as a reminder that with talent, creativity, and determination, anyone can turn their passion into a prosperous career in the digital age.

Disclaimer: The net worth estimates and associated data that are displayed here come from a range of open sources online and offline. Due to the possibility of periodic changes in financial numbers and valuations. The net worth, assets and liabilties mentioned here should not be considered as facts.

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