Swae Lee Net Worth In 2023: How Rich Is He Actually

Disclaimer: The net worth estimates and associated data that are displayed here come from a range of open sources online and offline. Due to the possibility of periodic changes in financial numbers and valuations. The net worth, assets and liabilties mentioned here should not be considered as facts.

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In the realm of modern rap music, Swae Lee has emerged as a captivating force to be reckoned with. This American rapper, singer, and songwriter has not only captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world but has also amassed an impressive net worth of approximately $9 million as of 2023.

Born on June 7, 1993, Swae Lee, whose real name is Khalif Malik Ibn Shaman Brown, has proven himself to be a multifaceted artist with an undeniable talent for creating infectious melodies and captivating lyrics.

In this blog, we will delve into Swae Lee net worth, rise to stardom, career, personal life, and the valuable lessons we can learn from his journey.

Full NameKhalif Malik Ibn Shaman Brown
Stage NameSwae Lee
Net Worth$9 million
ProfessionAmerican Singer, rapper, songwriter
Birth DateJune 7, 1993 (age 29)
Birth PlaceInglewood, California, USA
GirlfriendVictoria Kristine
Last UpdatedMay 2023
Swae Lee’s Bio

Key Takeaways

  • Swae Lee is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter who has a net worth of $9 million USD in 2023.
  • He is one half of the hip hop duo Rae Sremmurd with his brother Slim Jxmmi.
  • Some of Swae Lee’s notable songs include “No Flex Zone” and “No Type.”
  • Swae Lee bought a home in the Los Angeles suburbs for $3.5 million in December 2019, and a condo in Miami for $975,000 in April 2022.

Early Life

Swae Lee was born and raised in Inglewood, California. Growing up in a musically inclined family, he developed a passion for music at an early age.

However, it wasn’t until he teamed up with his brother Slim Jxmmi that his talents truly began to shine. Together, they formed the dynamic hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd, and their musical journey began.

Swae Lee Net Worth and Career

Rae Sremmurd’s debut studio album, “SremmLife,” released in 2015, quickly soared to the top of the charts, reaching number one on the US Rap and US R&B/Hip-Hop charts, as well as number five on the Billboard 200 chart. This achievement marked the beginning of a groundbreaking career for Swae Lee and his brother.

Their second album, “SremmLife 2,” released in 2016, continued to solidify their place in the industry, peaking at number two on the US Rap chart, number three on the US R&B/Hip-Hop chart, and number four on the Billboard 200 chart.

The duo’s success was further amplified by the release of their 2018 album, “SR3MM,” which reached number four on the US Rap chart, number five on the US R&B/Hip-Hop chart, number six on the Billboard 200 chart, and number four on Canada.

Swae Lee’s talent extends beyond his work with Rae Sremmurd. In 2018, he released his highly anticipated debut solo album, “Swaecation,” which featured the chart-topping single “Sunflower” in collaboration with Post Malone.


The song not only reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 but also dominated the US R&B/Hip-Hop chart, as well as charts in Canada and Australia.

Personal Life

While Swae Lee’s professional life has been in the limelight, he has also managed to keep his personal life relatively private.

As of now, Swae Lee is dating Victoria Kristine, a Jamaica born Canadian supermodel. It is delightful that the couple is expecting their first child.

However, his achievements speak volumes about his dedication and commitment to his craft. Swae Lee’s unwavering focus on his music has allowed him to create a discography that resonates with fans worldwide.

5 Lessons We Learned from Swae Lee Life

There are 5 valuable lessons we can learn from Swae Lee’s journey and success:

Embrace Collaboration

Swae Lee’s willingness to collaborate with other artists has led to some of his greatest successes. By joining forces with talented musicians, he has been able to create memorable and chart-topping tracks that have expanded his fanbase and elevated his career.

Stay True to Yourself

Swae Lee’s unique style and individuality have played a significant role in his rise to fame. By embracing his authenticity and refusing to conform to trends, he has carved out a distinct place for himself in the music industry.

Hard Work and Dedication Pay Off

Swae Lee’s journey to success has not been an overnight phenomenon. Through relentless dedication and a strong work ethic, he has overcome obstacles and achieved remarkable milestones in his career.

Embrace Versatility

Swae Lee’s ability to seamlessly transition between different genres and styles showcases his versatility as an artist. This willingness to explore new avenues has allowed him to continually captivate audiences and push the boundaries of his creativity.

Believe in Yourself

Swae Lee’s unwavering self-belief has been instrumental in his success. Despite facing challenges and setbacks, he has remained confident in his abilities and continued to pursue his dreams with unwavering determination.


What is Swae Lee’s age In 2023?

On June 7, 2023, Swae Lee will turn 30 years old.

Are Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi Related?

Khalif Malik Ibn Shaman “Swae Lee” and Aaquil Iben Shamon Brown “Slim Jxmmi” are biological brothers.

What is Swae Lee’s Height?

Swae Lee’s height is 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in).

Swae Lee’s Net Worth

With a net worth of approximately $9 million, Swae Lee has established himself as one of the richest celebrities in the rap industry. His wealth not only reflects his achievements but also the immense impact he has had on the music landscape.

Swae Lee’s remarkable journey from a musically inclined youngster to a globally recognized artist is a testament to his talent and relentless pursuit of excellence. With an estimated net worth of multimillions, he has become an influential figure in the music industry, captivating audiences with his infectious melodies and distinctive style.

As he continues to evolve and create captivating music, there’s no doubt that Swae Lee will leave an indelible mark on the industry for years to come.

Disclaimer: The net worth estimates and associated data that are displayed here come from a range of open sources online and offline. Due to the possibility of periodic changes in financial numbers and valuations. The net worth, assets and liabilties mentioned here should not be considered as facts.

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