Terry Lee Flenory Net Worth 2023: How Rich is He Actually

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Terry Lee Flenory is well-known as the co-founder of “Black Mafia Family,” aka “BMF”. If you don’t know, he is a Drug trafficker, businessman, and investor from Detroit. In BMF, Terry use to run the Los Angeles headquarters and was responsible for all its operations. Terry Lee Flenory net worth is expected to be $50 million in 2023.

Full NameTerry Lee Flenory
Stage NameSouthwest T
Net Worth$50 million
ProfessionDrug trafficker, investor, entrepreneur
Birth DateJanuary 10, 1970 (52 years)
Birth PlaceDetroit, Michigan, USA
WifeTonesa Welch
UpdatedDecember 2022
Terry Lee Flenory Bio

Key Takeaways:

Early Life

Terry Lee Flenory celebrates his birthday each year on January 10, 1970. As of now, he is 52 years of age and is living in Detroit, Michigan with his family.

He is the younger brother of Big Meech, a famous drug lord, and money launderer. They both started selling $50 packs of cocaine when they were in high school.

We don’t have much information about Terry’s early education and life, yet it is reported that his father’s name is “Charles Flenory” and his mom is “Lucille Flonery.”

Terry Lee Flenory Net Worth And Career

Although Terry and Meech were still high school students, the brothers began distributing cocaine within the neighborhood with a dream to get rich. 

The brothers started their illegal business dealing in the 1980s, and later by the 2000s, they had amassed a sizable drug empire that was worth $280 million and was employing over 500 workers.

In 2005, The US State dept stated that the “Black Mafia Family” moved thousands of kilograms of illegal drugs into Detroit, Los Angeles, California, and Atlanta via their distribution centers every year.

Following a dispute with his older brother in 2001, Terry moved to California to launch his own drug cartel separately. But the Federal Agency for Drug Enforcement arrested the Flenory brothers in 2005.

After getting detained, they were charged with possessing cocaine. It was disclosed during the court hearing, that both brothers were found guilty of managing a crime syndicate. As a result, they were each sentenced to 30 years in jail.

On May 5, 2020, Terry Flenory got released from federal custody. With his poor health, along with an initiative by the Federal Bureau of Prisons that allowed Terry to leave prison and serve the remaining sentence detained in his house.

This initiative was taken by the government to avoid a massive COVID-19 outbreak within federal prisons.

In recent times, Terry “Southwest T” Flenory got a lot of recognition after the release of the 2021 drama series “BMF”. In the play, Terry’s part was played by Da’Vinchi, a Haitian-American actor.

We were amazed to know that Terry has a massive social media following with over 400k Instagram followers. Recently he has launched many businesses and advertised them on social networks. One of his well-known brands is “Southwest Black Magic.”

Terry Lee Flenory Personal Life

During BMF days, Terry has been in relationships with famous businesswomen in addition to dating some female rappers as well. 

He was also romantically involved in a relationship with the First Lady of the “Black Mafia Family,” Tonesa Welch. Later, Terry and Tonesa tied the knot and are now living a married life.

Furthermore, the information regarding Terry Lee Flenory’s kids is now being checked into. Yet it is rumored that Terry’s child goes by the name of “Demetrius Flenory Jr.”

Terry Lee Flenory Net Worth

Terry Lee Flenory projected net worth at the end of 2023 is roughly $50 million. However, some credible sources quote Terry “Southwest T” Flenory estimated fortune as between $40 to $50 million.

Aside from running a Drug cartel in the early 2000s, he also makes a lot of money by investing in businesses and buying real estate.

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