Sklar Brothers Net Worth: How Rich is the Comedy Duo in 2022

Randy and Jason Sklar are identical twin comedians and entertainers from the United States. If you don’t know, the comedy duo is well-known as ‘Sklar Brothers’ and formerly got fame by hosting a popular TV program ‘Cheap Seats’, which aired on ESPN Classic. Sklar Brothers net worth is expected to be roughly $6 million in 2022.

Sklar Brothers also worked in a number of comic movies including “Held Up”, ”Teacher of the Year”, and “My Baby’s Daddy”.

NameSklar Brothers
Net Worth$6 million
Birth DateJanuary 12, 1972
Birth PlaceSt. Louis, Missouri, United States
Relationship StatusBoth Are Married

Sklar Brothers Early Life

Farrell Randal also called Randy Sklar and Jason Nathan Sklar, The Sklar twins were brought up in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. They were born in a Jewish household on January 12, 1972. They both went on to study at the University of Michigan and were prominent members of the fraternity. While they are still studying at university, both decided to pursue comedy as a career.

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How Do Sklar Brothers Make Money?

Sklar Brothers make most of their money from stand-up performances and hosting TV shows. Their net worth got a significant raise when they started hosting “Cheap Seats”, an ESPN TV program. As Sklar Brothers are gaining fame via social media and YouTube, their net worth is expected to increase as much as $6.5 million at the end of 2022.

YearSklar Brothers Net worth
2022$6 million
2021$5.5 million
2020$5 million
2019$4 million
2018$3.5 million
Sklar Brothers Net Worth 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

Sklar Brothers Net Worth And Career

In 1994, the Sklar brothers started their career when they began doing stand-up comedy in various bars and pubs. They also wrote ‘Apt 2F’, a comedy sitcom for MTV in 1997.

In 2004, they were a host and presented the show ‘Cheap Seats’, which was one of the biggest successes of their professional career. The show featured an intriguing plotline in which they were research assistants for ESPN and eventually became presenters of a comedy show.

They’ve worked on a number of additional projects since then. They were pit reporters in the show Battlebots., which has earned a lot of popularity over ESPN. Additionally, their affiliation with ‘Comedy Central’ has resulted in their participation in the panel game show ‘@midnight’.

They have been engaged in writing scripts for many TV shows in which they had appeared. They also co-wrote the TV series ‘Layers’, in which they also appeared as twin publicists. In addition, they appeared in another online series, ‘Back on Topps’ which won two YouTube Steamy Awards.

The twin comedian delivered an epic stand-up performance at America’s Got Talent 2021. Their act was loved by the audience and even got a standing ovation from Howie Mandel, a famous Canadian comedian, and TV personality.

Sklar Brothers’ performance at America’s Got Talent 2021

Sklar brothers have been leveraging the internet since its beginnings to broadcast online shows.  During this period, they also created the original series ‘Held Up’, which portrayed the storyline of a bank clerk with a boring job whose life would be turned upside down by a massive heist. They were active in making podcasts even back then, and they’ve grown in popularity tremendously with time.


The Sklar duo had an effective and diverse social media portfolio. They have a combined following of over 80k on Instagram and Facebook. Their YouTube channel ‘Sklarbro Country’ has over 3.9K subscribers as of 2022.

Randy and Jason Sklar Personal Life

Randy Sklar and Jason Sklar both are happily married. Randy is married to an interior designer, Amy Sklar. They are parents of two daughters. Jason, on the other hand, is wedded to Dr. Jessica Zucker, who is a fertility therapist and they have been taking care of a son and a daughter together.

Sklar Brothers Net Worth

Most of the net worth of Sklar Brothers is earned by hosting TV shows and acting. They are a unique and engaging humorous team, which is why they’ve been able to squeeze in so many terrific projects over the years. In 2022, The Sklar brothers net worth is predicted to be at about $6 million.

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